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The pirate bay

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  1. How Pirates Bay Works?
  2. What Is a Torrent File?
  3. What Is a Pirate Bay Mirror Site?
  4. Torrent Files Vs Magnet Links
  5. Using BitTorrent on Pirate Bay
  6. PirateBay requires no registration
  7. The Pirate Bay can still be accessed if the main link is down
  8. A Simple Guide to Downloading Files from the Pirate Bay
  9. Using VPNs to Access Torrents Safely on the Pirate Bay
  10. Can You Be Prosecuted for Hiding Your IP Address When Accessing Pirate Bay?
  11. Finding Torrents On Pirate Bay
  12. How to Share Content on the Pirate Bay?
  13. Does the Pirate Bay Require Special Software to Use?
  14. Disable Your Ad-Blocker to Enjoy Using Pirate Bay
  15. Which Other Languages Is the piratebay Available in Apart from English?
  16. Pirate Bay Has Been Blocked in My Country, What Do I Do?
  17. Who Are Seeders and Leechers?
  18. Using a VPN for Data Protection
  19. Is Pirate Bay Accessible on Mobile?
  20. How Pirate Bay Makes Money?

Last Updated: September 15, 2021, EST

How Pirates Bay Works?

Regardless of what some people say about piratesbay, the initial objective of developing the website was to establish a reliable peer-to-peer platform where people could share information through BitTorrent procedures. So, the website was never intended to be an illegal online platform. The idea was to enable people to share and download torrent files and magnet links. The content ranges from movies to applications, TV shows, music, games, and books.

What Is a Torrent File?

A torrent file is a small file containing a large file such as a TV series that users want to download. Since 2012, Pirate Bay has stopped using torrents for large files, instead it has shifted its efforts to magnet links. These are hyperlinks holding distinctive hash encryptions for particular torrents. Basically, these encryptions are hash codes that are similar to catalogue item numbers, with the items being torrents.

These codes have made it easier for BitTorrent clients to find people sharing specific torrent files because each file has its unique code. Magnet links have enabled the company to save more money by cutting down its operating costs. They have also made it easier for the site to run more proxies. And since each proxy site brings more new users, the pirates bay community is projected to continue to grow exponentially.

What Is a Pirate Bay Mirror Site?

A pirate bay mirror site is simply a copy of the original site, Sometimes website owners develop mirror sites as a way of easing traffic on the main site and enhancing its access speed. However, all piratebay mirror sites are developed by individuals who are not related to the owners of the main site.

And although pirate bay proxy sites are not the same as pirate bay mirror sites, the difference is very marginal. Actually, pirate bay mirror sites serve as the pirate bay proxy sites. So, you can still access the content on the original site through your favorite pirate bay mirror site, especially if the original site is inaccessible in your country.

The good thing about a pirate bay mirror site is that you can still access it, even if the original site is inaccessible.

Torrent files are small files containing large torrents that users want to download. However, the pirate bay has stopped using torrent files for large files since 2012. Instead, the website is using magnet links that come in the form of hyperlinks with distinctive hash codes. Each torrent file has its unique code. In essence, hash codes are the same as catalogue item numbers, with the items being torrents.

With magnet links, BitTorrent clients are able to easily find the people sharing specific torrents because each file has a unique code. By shifting to magnet links, the website has been able cut down its operating costs and run more proxies. Since each proxy website brings more new users, the pirates bay community is expected to continue growing.

Using BitTorrent on Pirate Bay

One of the advantages of using thepiratebay is that you do not need to have an account on the website to be able to find and download files from its catalogue. When you open the website on your browser, simply go to the Home page and type the name of the file you are looking for into the Search bar. Then click on either Pirate Search or I’m Feeling Lucky to find the file. You can also narrow down your search to specific categories using the various check boxes. And even if these options don’t work for you, the website offers useful information to help you set up your BitTorrent client. For instance, you can click on How do I download link. With a BitTorrent client, you will be able to connect to the pirates bay tracker where you will find all your favorite torrent files.

PirateBay requires no registration

That’s right - In order to download and save files from The Pirate Bay, you only have to go through a simple process.

After deciding which files you would like to find, type it in the ‘Pirate Search Box’ and then press the button down below to begin the search. Shortly you should be prompted with results matching your expectations.

Once you have found the correct file, all you have to do is make sure that the torrent file has a reliable number of seeders and leechers before proceeding - this will dramatically influence your download speed. Making sure that there are at least 10 seeders will influence the time you spend waiting a lot.

Proceed with clicking on the ‘Get This Torrent’ button which is marked by a magnet icon. Clicking on anything other than this button will prompt you with advertisements and multiple pages open, so make sure that you always click on the correct link.

While it may seem tedious at first, Pirate Bay seems to provide users a nice and secure alternative to downloading information from the internet, which tops other sites.

Let’s admit it - a website won’t always be up 100% of the time. The servers might go offline or they might be under heavy load. The great thing is that The Pirate Bay can still be accessed through the various proxy links which offer simple access to the website, even when .org is down.

While most Pirate Bay proxies keep the professionalism and simplicity of the original site, a best practice is to double-check everything you are searching for. This will ensure that you are still getting the information you need, without any potential malware.

The other option to access the is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short. This method will allow you to create a secure connection between you and the website and even let you access its features if your region does not allow it. Be aware that some parties can use the copyright laws in order to come up with restrictions against heavy downloaders.

Some individuals have received cease-and-desist letters and were prohibited from entering and downloading files from The Pirate Bay. If you happen to be one of them, make sure to get legal advice from a professional about how to proceed next.

A Simple Guide to Downloading Files from the Pirate Bay

Are you new to the pirates bay and don’t know how you can download your favorite torrent files from the website? If yes, here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1 – finding and downloading torrent files.

Open your browser and search Give it a few seconds to load all the files and pages.

Search for the files you wish to download using these methods:

  • Instead of going from one category to the other, you can easily find your preferred torrent files using the search bar. Simply type the name of the file you are looking for in the search bar and click search.
  • Use the available categories to search for the files you want.
  • From the search results, choose the torrent file you wish to download.
  • To begin the download process, click on Get This Torrent link. The time it takes to download depends on how strong your internet is. The downloaded file will be deposited on your PC.

Step 2 – using torrent client program.

Because downloading a torrent file doesn’t give you the complete file, you need to use a torrent client program to get the whole file.

If you are a beginner, you can use one of these torrent clients.

Run your torrent client.

- When you have installed your preferred torrent client, just drag and drop the torrent files you wish to down in the client’s user interface. Alternatively, you can simply double-click on the file.

Note: When the download starts, you are required to choose where the file should be stored on your PC or operating system panel. If you do not choose another, the downloaded file will be automatically stored in the Downloads folder, which is the default folder for downloaded files.

If your internet connection is strong, the file will be downloaded in just a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, the file’s size also determines how fast or slow the download is. Also, the number of people sharing the file, also known as the seeders, determines the speed of the download. The more seeders a file has, the faster it downloads.

Using VPNs to Access Torrents Safely on the Pirate Bay

Since 2012, The Pirate Bay doesn’t offer torrent files. Instead, it offers magnet links that direct users to the torrent files they need to download from peers. Therefore, you can still download your torrents without having a 3rd party application.

Sadly, these magnet links provide torrents that lack encryption, thus allowing your internet provider to monitor your activities on TPB. Also, since you can’t tell the credibility of the peers you are sharing files with, it is very easy for you to get hacked by cybercriminals camouflaging as genuine peers. So, the safest way to use The Pirate Bay is to install a VPN (a virtual private network). With a VPN, you will be able to protect your identity whenever you are downloading or sharing content on the website. It also protects your computer against malware. A VPN encrypts your network and switches your IP address with a different one, allowing you to remain anonymous all the time. In addition to hiding your identity and protecting your PC, a good VPN such as Ivacy VPN will enable you to access Piratebay if it has been banned in the country you live in. Although there are many free VPNs, consider using a more advanced and paid one because it has more features and functionalities.

Can You Be Prosecuted for Hiding Your IP Address When Accessing Pirate Bay?

People today are using VPNs to hide their IP addresses, thus making it difficult for ISPs to track their online activities. These programs have also proved to be very useful for people who torrent because they allow them to download their favorite files without putting themselves at the risk of getting prosecuted for copyright infringement.

With a VPN, you can obtain all the torrents you want without the knowledge of your ISP. This is important because, in America, ISPs are allowed to track your online activities and share that information with the authorities, even without your knowledge. This can be risky for you, especially when you download copyrighted files.

A VPN hides your online activities, preventing your ISP from tracking you. Apart from protecting you against prosecution by third parties, a VPN also protects you against potential security threats. The program secures your network and hides your identity so that you can browse and download files without risk.

While using a VPN is legal, it is illegal to use it to engage in illegal activities like downloading copyrighted content. So, even though the program protects you against monitoring by third parties, you should use it to download only the content that has not been copyrighted.

Finding Torrents On Pirate Bay

Files on the pirates bay are classified in several elaborate categories, making it easy for users to find their favorite torrents. These categories include Music, TV show, Applications, Videos, Audios, Porn, Audios, and each of them have numerous subcategories, allowing users to narrow down their search for specific torrent files. You can also use the Top 100, Recent Torrents, or the Most Downloaded Torrents checkboxes to find your preferred torrents.

How to Share Content on the Pirate Bay?

Although it feels good to be able to download your favorite content from a great P2P website such as The Pirate Bay, it is a lot more fun to be able to contribute content to the website. That’s how the community grows.

Here are simple steps to follow when uploading content.

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Login to The Pirate Bay and scroll down to find the Upload link
  3. Find the file you wish to share with the community
  4. Give it a good name that peers can easily search and find
  5. Choose the right category for the file on the website
  6. Add tags and a description to the file
  7. If you don’t want to share your personal info, you can upload the file anonymously

The anonymous option helps you to share content on The Pirate Bay without exposing your identity. Most contributors share content using their Bitcoin wallet addresses. That way, they can remain anonymous while providing a route for support.

Does the Pirate Bay Require Special Software to Use?

Because the piratebay is just a typical website, you do not need to have any special software to be able to visit it. In fact, the only thing you need is a browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox to be able to access this website. Nevertheless, since this site is just a peer-to-peer platform that enables torrent lovers to share files, you will need a client program to be able to download files from it.

Luckily, there are numerous BitTorrent programs that you can install on your computer. In fact, most of these programs are freely available on the internet. Additionally, you should consider installing a good antivirus program on your PC because you can’t be 100 percent sure about the quality and safety of the files you download. This is important since TPB doesn’t check for malevolent content.

Disable Your Ad-Blocker to Enjoy Using Pirate Bay

In April 2020, The Pirate Bay got an update that has made it difficult for its users to access and download content while their ad-blocking programs are running. This problem has also affected in-browser programs that come pre-installed in the operating systems. For instance, it’s hard to access any file on the website when using a Mac or Windows OS. If your ad-blocker is preventing you from accessing Pirate Bay, you might get this error: "Your adblock may block important javascript components, check that main.js is loaded or the webpage won’t work."

It is important to mention that not every user will see this error on every page, even when their adblocker is active. However, it advisable to disable or completely shut down the adblocker to be able to use the website uninterrupted. If you are using programs such as Webroot SecureAnywhere, you may have to remove them in order to use all features of The Pirate Bay.

If you don’t want to disable or shut down your adblocker, you should try using the incognito option. With this option, you will still see the warning, but it won’t affect your ability to access content on the site.

Which Other Languages Is the piratebay Available in Apart from English?

One thing that sets apart is the fact that it is accessible in over 35 different languages, including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Dutch, among others. You just click on the Select Language link that’s available on the website to select your preferred language. This link takes you to a page that contains the various languages.

Pirate Bay Has Been Blocked in My Country, What Do I Do?

If your country is among the 29 nations whose authorities have banned tpb, you do not have to worry because you can still access the site’s torrent files through the numerous proxy websites available online. These proxies redirect you to the original site. You can also use pirate proxy websites that give you access to copies of what’s available on the original site. We can recommend this one:

These alternative sites use different URLs thus allowing users in countries where the original pirate bay site has been blocked to still enjoy its services. However, make sure to hide your IP address, especially if it is illegal to visit piratebay in your country. To successfully hide your IP address, you need to use a virtual private network (VPN). This is a program designed to keep you anonymous when you are online.

Who Are Seeders and Leechers?

The pirate bay has two main types of users – seeders and leechers. The two groups vary in the way they share files on the site. Seeders are the people who have the files on their computers and are allowing others to download them. Leechers, on the other hand, are the people downloading the files.

Normally, you have the freedom to choose whether to become a seeder or a leecher on the BitTorrent program. If the program chooses your group by default, you can easily cancel the status. Usually, this is done individually for every file.

Using a VPN for Data Protection

A VPN (virtual private network) is designed to create tunneling in order to hide your identity whenever you are online. It protects your IP address and geographical location, thus making you anonymous. It also allows you to access online content that has been blocked in your region.

For instance, in some countries it is illegal to visit a website like So, the authorities have banned the website’s URL. Therefore, every time you try to open it the screen goes blank or your browser indicates “Access Denied”. But with a VPN, you can easily by-pass this obstacle because it encrypts your traffic and redirects it to a region where the website hasn’t been banned.

In countries like the UK, where the pirate bay is forbidden, you will need to have a VPN to be able to access it. You just log in and route your traffic to a country like the United States where the site is freely accessible.

Although there are numerous VPN services available, it is advisable to use paid services because they guarantee you protection of your data. Most freemium networks are known for data leaks, which might leave your identity exposed.

Is Pirate Bay Accessible on Mobile?

For many years, the pirate bay was not accessible on mobile devices. But in 2014, its developers improved its mobile-friendliness, allowing mobile users to enjoy its content on their devices. However, mobile users still had problems accessing and downloading files from the website because of the limited number of BitTorrent clients for mobile devices. But with the continued enhancement of the website by its developers and the emergence of more advanced mobile operating systems, mobile users are now able to enjoy all content without restrictions. For example, Android users can choose their favorite BitTorrent client from the wide range of options available on Google Play. They can also take advantage of the RSS feeds provided by the website, including RSSBay. However, iOS users have to jailbreak their mobile devices before they can access or download files from the pirate bay.

How Pirate Bay Makes Money?

Although Pirates Bay is not a profit-making website, it makes money through donations from its users and well-wishers. Between 2004 and 2006, the site provided a link through which donors could monitor how their donations were being utilized. During this period, the site rewarded its VIP donors with time-limited benefits, including a link to a page with no ads. One of the highest amounts donated to the website within this period was about $5,000. The link no longer exists, but the owners urge donors to give their donations to pro-piracy groups within their localities, who later share portions of the donations with the pirates bay. According to its founders, the website uses these donations to finance its operations.

The website’s plan to procure Sealand – a micronation off the coast of Suffolk – through a fundraising campaign in 2007 failed a few months after it was launched. In 2009, the founders were fined by thousands of dollars by an EU court following a copyright infringement charge. Pirate bay users offered to raise the amount through donations but the founders rejected the offer. In 2013, they adopted a paperless payment system that would allow people to give donations without while protecting their identities. The new system only accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin. They also make money through merchandizing and from adverts displayed on their website.